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Ghost Of Tsushima Jin actor wants to reprise role for live-action movie

Ghost Of Tsushima Jin actor wants to reprise role for live-action movie

Actor Daisuke Tsuji would love to reprise the role of Jin in the live-action Ghost of Tsushima film.

Ghost of Tsushima actor Daisuke Tsuji has expressed his interest in returning to play Jin in the upcoming live-action film adaptation of the game, and we’re so here for it.

If you haven’t yet played Ghost of Tsushima, I urge you to. I’ll admit that I was pretty late to the party, only playing the game this year but oh my. It quickly cemented itself as one of my favourites. The story is gripping, the combat is engaging, and the open-world is one of the most beautiful examples out there. Back in 2021, it was announced that Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions were developing a film adaptation and while development is progressing rather slowly, the film is still in the works - and Daisuke Tsuji is keen to reprise the role of Jin.

Take a look at the stunning Ghost of Tsushima in action below.

This is surely perfect casting. Daisuke simply is Jin in the same way that Christopher Judge should portray a live-action Kratos. These actors know the characters inside out and it would be a joy to see them explore these familiar roles in a live-action setting. Announcing his interest, Daisuke took to Twitter, writing, “If I get to play Jin in the live-action Ghost, let it be known that I fully agree to doing butt nudity”.

Full commitment. We love to see it. For context, Jin is a partial to a stark naked dip in a hot spring. So, what else do we know about the Ghost of Tsushima film? Well, it’s set to be directed by Chad Stahelski of John Wick fame, which bodes well and Sucker Punch is on board as an executive producer, so we should expect the film to stay true to the source material.

In early 2022, it was revealed that Takashi Doscher was brought on to write the screenplay plus last summer, director Stahelski expressed that he’d love to make the film completely in Japanese with a Japanese cast. Casting is yet to commence so we have no confirmation if this is still the intention.

Featured Image Credit: Toru Uchikado via YouTube, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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