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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth free downloads available now, if you're quick

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth free downloads available now, if you're quick

If you want to check out Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, take a look at this limited-time giveaway.

If you’ve been hoping to check out Final Fantasy VII Rebirth but haven’t had a chance to place a pre-order or pick it up just yet, you may want to enter this giveaway.

Twitter user Stealth4øk is a well known social media figure in the gaming space, and they’ve teamed up with Square Enix to give away four copies of the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Rebirth twin pack. There are two North American codes up for grabs and two UK codes. To enter, all you need to do is like and retweet the giveaway post, follow @stealth40k, and reply to the tweet with your favourite Final Fantasy character. It’s that simple. The giveaway closes on Sunday 3 March, so do get your entry in if you’re interested.

Take a look at our review of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth below.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth actually releases today - and it’s already one of the year’s highest rated games. It has a very respectable score of 92 over on Metacritic. In our own review, we wrote, “It’s hard not to bring nostalgia into it. I can ignore those quibbles I have because of the countless times this game made me feel something, whether that be anger, joy, sadness, or empathy. As I rolled the credits I realised this was exactly the game I’ve wanted to play since I was 17 years old. It’s playing one of my favourite games all over again, experiencing everything fresh - and loving it just as much as I did over two decades ago,” awarding the game a perfect 10.

ComicBook likewise gave a perfect score, writing, “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth improves on nearly every aspect of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, pushing the PlayStation 5 to the limit and creating a jaw-dropping experience in the process. Improving on both the Remake and the original version of the game seemed like a nigh impossible task, but somehow, Square Enix was able to do just that,” while Attack of the Fanboy added, “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth evoked all kinds of emotions in me, made me see my low-poly childhood friends as real people, and allowed me to once again be part of a grandiose, fate-challenging, god-defying adventure that I haven't experienced since the PS1 days.”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is out now on PS5.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix

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