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Fallout 4 free expansion adds new dungeon and bosses

Fallout 4 free expansion adds new dungeon and bosses

Ready for another terror filled adventure?

Another day, another Fallout expansion reveals itself to us – what a time to be a fan!

We’re feeling Fallout fever currently, thanks to Amazon’s upcoming Fallout (which has already been renewed for a second season).

The series has yet to air and we’re already chomping at the bit to snap up every bit of Fallout content we can find. And what do you know, a Fallout 4 expansion has appeared that offers sweet post-apocalyptic content.

Are you ready to face the 'Attack of the Lobotomites' in Fallout 4?

‘Attack of the Lobotomites’ is a NexusMods download that delivers an hour-long dungeon to explore, all while preparing for the foreboding boss fights that await you.

It isn’t all blood, guts, and action though, as this mod introduces a “kooky vendor” who might just become your best friend while you’re down in the depths.

There are three possible ways this mod can end, with the final scenes dependant on you and your actions.

But it isn’t just the new location and lore that has us so intrigued, it’s the fully voiced characters as well; it helps make it feel like an authentic Bethesda mod.

Coupled with the voice acting are unique personalities and behaviours exhibited by enemies, further adding to the atmosphere of this expansion.

“An extremely well done and charming mod. The proton axe has to be one of my favourite weapons,” praised a fan.

Another player commented, “This is a very cool mod, I liked it! It's quite atmospheric and sometimes even scary (especially with the right mods for sanctification and ambient). Thank you so much for such a great job!”

We’re not certain we’re brave enough to face whatever lurks in this new dungeon. But if you’re feeling up to the task, we wish you well, and hope you make it out alive.

Featured Image Credit: The Bone Zone – NexusMods

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