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Bloodborne collides with DOOM in this hellish shooter

Bloodborne collides with DOOM in this hellish shooter

You'll go to hell and back in this shooter

Have you ever dreamt of a game that combines Bloodborne with DOOM? Of course you have, we all have.

Well, dream no more, for there’s a new hellish first-person shooter you need to check out if you’re in need of Soulslike struggles and satisfying victories.

“Armed with strange weapons and forbidden pagan magic, hunt a powerful witch holding the key to your salvation. Witchfire is a dark fantasy first person shooter from the creators of Painkiller, Bulletstorm, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.”

Have you got what it takes to survive in Witchfire?

Right now, this Dark Souls with guns experience is in early access and available via Epic Games or from The Astronauts' (the devs) website. Feedback so far has been incredibly positive.

“Will 100 percent be getting it when it comes out of early access,” promised one gamer. “Really loving what's been shown so far.”

Further down the YouTube comments section for Witchfire, another gamer said, “Keep cooking. This game is already insanely fun and full of potential.”

Currently, this game isn’t available on Steam, which is why some PC players are holding off until it launches there. Still, if you’re willing to shop around for your games, you can experience the hellish action of this title for yourselves a lot sooner.

If you want high fun, high stakes, and a compelling narrative, Witchfire is a game you don’t want to sleep on just because you’re a little bit unsure.

With no Bloodborne remake just yet, and Elden Ring’s DLC still a few months away, you need a soul crushing challenge like this one to see you through.

Described as “the most interesting thing happening in the FPS genre right now”, Witchfire is definitely one to watch in the coming months, even more so when it leaves early access.

Featured Image Credit: The Astronauts

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