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Jacksepticeye says MrBeast 'ruined YouTube'

Jacksepticeye says MrBeast 'ruined YouTube'

Jacksepticeye said that MrBeast "ruined YouTube" during a recent polygraph test, prompting a small feud between the two creators.

Jacksepticeye admitted during a polygraph test that he thinks popular creator MrBeast “ruined YouTube”, starting a new feud. Yikes.

MrBeast is one of the most recognisable faces on YouTube. In fact, he’s got the second highest number of subscribers on the platform - and the most subscribers when you look at channels belonging to an individual more so than a brand. Real name Jimmy Donaldson, MrBeast is known for his elaborate ‘stunts’ - and not the life-risking kind. The creator previously spent $3.5 million hosting his own real life Squid Game contest. He’s given away entire islands, cars … you name it. Fellow creator Jacksepticeye has confessed to disliking Donaldson though, adding that he ruined YouTube.

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It all began when Twitter user bowtietwt posted a clip of Jacksepticeye hooked up to a lie detector test. He was asked, “Do you like MrBeast?” with the polygraph confirming his “no” was truthful. He then followed up with a “yes” to a question asking if MrBeast ruined YouTube. Jacksepticeye explained, “Because it became more about views, money, and popularity than it did about having fun [...] If he had fun doing those videos, they’d be longer. We’d see the fun.”

It wasn’t long before MrBeast saw the comments himself, responding in a now-deleted tweet (via Dexerto) with, “Sooo, I ‘ruined YouTube’ because I didn’t buy a mansion and sports cars and instead reinvested my [money] into making content/focused on doing good and inspiring kids to help people?”

The feud didn’t last long though. MrBeast took to Twitter again yesterday to say, “We messaged, we’re Gucci now.” Jacksepticeye responded with a thumbs up. What a whirlwind.

Featured Image Credit: MrBeast via YouTube, Tom Simons via YouTube

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