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'Silent Hill' Mod Turns The Game Into A First-Person Nightmare

'Silent Hill' Mod Turns The Game Into A First-Person Nightmare

Every fog has its day.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

The original Silent Hill is a masterpiece of survival horror. A thoughtful, immersive, deeply disturbing journey into the very depths of darkness and human despair, one that stays with long after the credits roll. With its parade of gruesome monsters and plethora of grimy locations, it's a genuinely terrifying game that still holds up to this day.

With all that said, it probably didn't need anyone to come along and make it even more terrifying. Unfortunately that's exactly what game designer and Silent Hill superfan Zero Trace Operative has spent the last five months doing. Below, you can see what the iconic opening scene of the original Silent Hills would look like in first-person and... yep, it's goddamn horrifying. It makes me pine further for P.T and the Silent Hills reboot we never got.

You can play this fantastic concept demo for yourself now, although I should note it's only about four minutes long. It doesn't seem that Zero Trace has any intention of carrying on with the project either, as the video clearly states that it's complete and won't be continued.

That's a genuine shame, as this is a serious first-person blast of nostalgia. Wandering through that familiar mist and seeing those old buildings while the sirens shriek in the background takes me back in the best/worst possible way. You can read through Zero Trace's blog post for more details on the process and what remaking the game in first-person meant to them. It's a genuinely touching read, so be sure to give a look.

In the post, Zero Trace explains that that making the game was a "hell of a ride," and described the five-month process as "grueling."

"It is now a part of me," they wrote. "Some people might look at this as another throwaway indie horror game (even being a SH remake) but to me its something I will always be proud of any look back on at how I started presenting my passion to the world."

They also explained that rather than rip the models from the original game, the assets were traced from model extractions. Not an easy task, and one that hours of research and playthroughs of the game. It's safe to say the results speak for themselves. It really is a stunning bit of work.

Zero Trace Operative

"It was a truly intimate experience with one of my favorite games of all time," Zero Trace added. "Seeing the ins and outs of the world through Team Silents eyes, and even partly walking in their shoes in my own way. Breathtaking to be honest."

I'd have to agree.

Featured Image Credit: Konami

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