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Modders Are Giving 'Grand Theft Auto 5' More Single Player Missions

Modders Are Giving 'Grand Theft Auto 5' More Single Player Missions

Rockstar has said it's not making new single player stories for 'Grand Theft Auto 5', but modders are fleshing out the game for them.

Julian Benson

Julian Benson

Rockstar might not be making any new single player campaigns for Grand Theft Auto 5 any time soon, but that's not to say players have to go to GTA Online for new thrills. Modder alebal3 has recently released a new pack filled with 70 new missions to play.

According to the mission pack's description (via PC Gamer), the missions expand the playable characters beyond Michael, Franklin, and Trevor to include "Lamar, Lester, Ron, Wade, Amanda, Jimmy, Tracy and many others".

"You can go into vehicles as passenger, go inside interiors, open doors, hack pc and safes, use new vehicles, interact with new characters, and the missions are much more complex and improved thanks to a lot of new features," the description states.

You can see some of the missions in play in the pack's trailer below (or here if you're reading on mobile):

All of the missions were created in a fan-made tool called Mission Maker, developed by aimles.

The mission pack is already up to version 7, which each new update adding a stack of new missions. With progress showing no signs of slowing down, it looks like we'll be getting a stack of new missions for a while to come.

Since the launch of GTA Online and Red Dead Online, Rockstar's been clear in interviews that it has no single player expansions planned for either of its big open world games. This is a shame, as The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony were great new stories for Grand Theft Auto 4. While we can hope that that may change in the future, we've missions like those made by alebal3 to tide us over. Plus, with the news finally coming out that Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PC, we can hope that modders will create similar tools and expand the Wild West in the same way. That, and add in Iron Man models so we can take some Tony Stark-flavoured justice to the frontier.

Featured Image Credit: Take-Two Interactive

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