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Gamer's PC Destroyed After Neighbour Shoots Hole In It

Gamer's PC Destroyed After Neighbour Shoots Hole In It

Thankfully nobody was hurt.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Today in another long, long line of stories all about why America should have tighter gun control laws: a gamer's PC has been completely destroyed because their neighbour accidentally fired off a bullet in the direction of their house. If only the PC had had a gun, right?

In a shocking post shared by Reddit user GoldenWrapper, they revealed in a series of pictures how their rig had been blown clean through by the stray bullet. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but with GoldenWrapper at home with their roommate and cat, things could have gone much, much worse.

Responding to concerned users in the Reddit thread, GoldenWrapper explained they immediately called the cops because they had no idea what had just happened in their neighbour's apartment. From their perspective, all they experienced was a gunshot and a totaled PC. The neighbour allegedly fled the scene after realising what he'd done, but later returned and was arrested.

"What an asshole," one user wisely pointed out. "If I ever negligently discharged a firearm I'd want to make sure that i didn't shoot someone and help them help ASAP if I did."

Despite other users widely condemning the irresponsible actions of the neighbour and pushing for GoldenWrapper to pursue charges, they seem fairly keen to let the whole thing go.

"Not planning on pressing charges," the GoldenWrapper explained. "Don't want to shell out the dough for the legal fees (couldn't afford it anyways) and mistakes happen I suppose-- even one as grave as this."

While OP might not be pressing charges, they understand that the State is looking to revoke the neighbour's gun license at the very least. As it stands the most damage seems to have been done to the PC's GPU, although GoldenWrapper explained that even though the insurance was paid out in full, it won't cover the cost of a replacement given the current shortage.

"Insurance payed out in full-- but it sucks cause the insurance payment isn't even going to cover the cost of a new GPU with the current shortage," they wrote. "Been trying to cop a 3060 ti at MSRP but that seems impossible at least right now. Went to microcenter an hour before opening but they only had 3090s left."

I'm not saying everyone who owns a gun is an idiot... but it only takes one idiot with a gun to do irreversible damage. Let's just be thankful nobody was hurt this time.

Featured Image Credit: Activision/Reddit/GoldenWrapper

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