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'Battlefield 2042' Skin Name Being Changed Over Insensitivity Claims

'Battlefield 2042' Skin Name Being Changed Over Insensitivity Claims

This military crisis is still ongoing today.

Battlefield 2042’s Specialist Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky has a skin that references the Ukrainian crisis of 2014, and DICE will be rectifying the possible offense that this has caused players. 

The skin was named “Little Green Man” and I’ll bring everyone up to speed on why that nickname would have been perceived as problematic. The Russo-Ukrainian war started seven years ago following protests that Ukraine would be integrated into the European Union. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 led to Ukraine becoming an independent country, however, the overall sentiment in Russia is that it is still a part of its social and economic sphere of interest. Ukraine used to be called “Little Russia” in the 18th century and the word itself may mean “borderland” or “frontier”.

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The “little green men” — masked soldiers wearing unidentifiable green uniforms with Russian military weapons and equipment — appeared in Ukraine in February and March 2014, however, President Vladimir Putin denied that they were Russian soldiers until April 2014. The armed forces occupied and blockaded the Simferopol International Airport, a number of military bases in Crimea, and the parliament in Simferopol.

In a post to Twitter, DICE thanked players for ensuring the team were aware of the “unintentional reference” to the Ukrainian crisis in the skin’s name, and will change the name in an update as it “isn't reflective of our team's values”. This likely isn’t the only thing that will be altered in a forthcoming patch as premium players struggle with the glitches that plague matches. 

The majority of the problems have been recorded here in this thread on the game’s subreddit, so I’ll call a few out for you. Players are finding it difficult to locate themselves on the biggest maps that the series has ever seen, and the sniper scope magnifications are considered to be too low for the distances across the environments. 

Moreover, some are reporting that their PCs are crashing and overheating, indicating poor hardware optimisation, and others playing with inverted controls have seen their preferences swap to the settings of the player who is in the vehicle with them. 

Yowzers. So, these things are solvable with an update or two, but it isn’t cheering to shell out a lot of cash for premium play where the game itself is running erratically. And, to hammer the point home, the user score for Battlefield 2042 is worryingly low on Metacritic. 

Featured Image Credit: EA, DICE

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