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OnlyFans model finds out stepdad was her top subscriber

OnlyFans model finds out stepdad was her top subscriber

One OnlyFans model recently discovered that her top subscriber was her stepdad, who had been sending personalised requests anonymously.

An OnlyFans model, based in Australia, recently discovered that her stepdad was her top subscriber on the platform.

As reported by Daily Star, Talia Maddison is an OnlyFans model from Newcastle, New South Wales. She was left shocked after discovering that her stepdad had been subscribing to her adult content on the money-making app.

Talia had been creating content for a couple of weeks. Two to four weeks in, she began noticing that one user in particular had purchased all of her content. Not only this, but the mystery user had certain requests for Talia. She told Daily Star, “I had a subscriber who was purchasing all of my content since two to four weeks into me having my account. He had a very specific username that was not an automatically generated one,” Maddison detailed. “We would talk every single day and he made specific requests almost every day, too.”

Eventually, Talia managed to match the username to a name used to view her TikTok account. “I was left with six numbers and my stepdad was one of them,” Talia explained. “I went with my gut and I messaged him online saying that I knew who it was.” Talia said that originally, her stepdad denied the accusation. When Talia threatened to inform her mum, her stepdad eventually replied with, “Hey Tai, can we talk?”

According to Talia, her stepfather would make requests including asking her to go into store changing rooms or bathrooms where she worked to show him photos of her underwear. Talia recounted, “I would also go to the gym in the mornings before work and he would like to see the underwear I was wearing to the gym as well. Whenever I was filming solo videos, which I would film at my mom’s house where he lived, he would request that I filmed them in my bedroom, and on the bed or the floor, rather than in the bathroom.”

“I thought this was very strange at the time, but now makes sense as he could easily access my bedroom/all of my underwear all the time,” she continued, adding that the ordeal left her feeling “embarrassed” and “betrayed”.

“I felt so devastated for my mom and I was honestly scared to go out and about in Newcastle for a few days. I was scared I was going to see him around.” Talia’s mum eventually broke off the relationship, supposedly requesting a divorce.

To turn the tables on the unfortunate situation, Talia has earnt a whopping $600,000 from selling a ‘stepdad bundle’ reportedly made of the content specifically requested by her stepdad.

Featured Image Credit: Talia Maddison via Instagram, OnlyFans

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