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Chris Pratt's Mario Movie Accent Is Being Described As "Phenomenal"

Chris Pratt's Mario Movie Accent Is Being Described As "Phenomenal"

That's nice, dear.

Chris Pratt, who has snagged the role of Mario in the upcoming animated movie from the studio behind Minions, will give the character a “phenomenal” voice according to one of Illumination’s founders.

It’s argued that Pratt has had a fall from grace since his stints in Parks and Recreation, Guardians of the Galaxy and the Jurassic World movies. He’s a member of Hillsong Church, a Christian megachurch based in Australia, which has been mired in controversies from sexual abuse to criticism of homosexuality and same-sex marriage to exploitation of its volunteers. 

More recently, an Instagram post from the actor expressing his gratitude for his wife Katherine Schwarznegger Pratt was interpreted by some to be ableist and regressive. These things coloured the reception to the announcement that Pratt would be playing Mario in the movie slated to release in 2022. Fortunately, Illumination CEO and co-founder Chris Meledandri has told us there’s nothing to worry about because Pratt is nailing the Mario voice (thanks, toofab). 

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He will not be using an Italian accent, clarified Meledandri to the reporter who caught him for a question at Los Angeles International Airport, and Pratt’s performance has blown the CEO away. “All I can tell you is the voice that he’s doing for us and Mario is phenomenal,” answered Meledandri. “I can’t wait for people to hear it.”

The reporter then asked why an Italian actor didn’t get the role seeing that Mario is… Italian. “Well, as an Italian-American myself I understand the comments. Charlie Day, who’s playing Luigi actually, comes from an Italian heritage. So that’s our nod,” justified Meledandri. Actually, there is a reason why Mario doesn’t have an Italian accent in the movie and the story will explain this. 

“We cover it in the movie,” continued the CEO. “So you’ll see that we definitely nod to that, but that’s not the tenor of the performance throughout the film.” Yeah, it’s all sort of sounding silly at this point so I’ll wrap it up. Alongside Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy is playing Princess Peach, Charlie Day is playing Luigi, Jack Black is playing Bowser, and Seth Rogen is playing Donkey Kong. Charles Martinet, who voices the game version of the character, will appear in the movie in cameos.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo, Marvel Studios

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