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New LEGO Harry Potter game in development, says insider

New LEGO Harry Potter game in development, says insider

According to a new report, a "Skywalker Saga-style" LEGO Harry Potter game is currently in the works from TT Games.

Just in case Hogwarts Legacy wasn’t exciting enough for Harry Potter fans, it’s claimed that a new LEGO Harry Potter game is in the works, meaning gamers might be returning to the wizarding world much sooner than expected.

It didn’t take long at all after Hogwarts Legacy released for Warner Bros to tease a sequel to the game. In fact, it sounds like there could be multiple - the company sees it as a “long-term franchise”, so there could be loads more to come yet.

Take a look around Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy below.

Before that though, it sounds like fans might be embarking on a new magical adventure, this time in a much more blocky form. According to a report from Nintendo Life, sources say that the LEGO Harry Potter series is getting “Skywalker Saga-style treatment”, which presumably means we could get a modern game which touches on all the different Harry Potter books and movies in an episodic format.

Very few other details have been revealed, but it’s reportedly a “large project sucking up the studio's resources”, so it seems like it could be a pretty chunky game. To be fair, that's to be expected from a title that’ll seemingly encompass the entire Harry Potter series, but how the title would truly set itself apart from the existing LEGO Harry Potter games remains to be seen. Perhaps this one could touch on the Fantastic Beasts movies in some fashion?

Unfortunately though, fans of other LEGO games apparently aren’t so lucky. According to the same report, TT Games has cancelled an untitled Disney project and a LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy game. It’s also claimed that story-based Mandalorian DLC for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is “in jeopardy”.

Keep in mind that at the time of writing, none of this information has been confirmed by Warner Bros. or TT Games, so take the claims with a pinch of salt until they're made official (or not, as the case may be).

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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