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Netflix viewer shares 'life-changing' hack for streaming

Netflix viewer shares 'life-changing' hack for streaming

Ever feel overwhelmed when choosing something to watch on Netflix? This hack will help you out.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to enjoy all that Netflix has to offer. If you are looking for some advice on what to watch next, you may want to check out Wednesday. The Addams Family inspired series has officially nabbed the record for most-hours watched of an English language show in one week - dethroning Stranger Things’ fourth season.

If you’re in the mood for a film, the brand new creature feature Troll has landed an incredible perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. If gaming is more your thing (and I’m guessing that’s the case if you’re here), you can grab one of this year’s best titles right now for free on the streamer, Immortality. Recommendations aside though, today I bring you what many users are calling a ‘life-changing’ hack that will revolutionise the way you use Netflix.

Speaking of Immortality, check out the trailer below.

One genre that’s seen a major rise in popularity in recent years is true crime. What if I told you that there’s no need for you to endlessly scroll through titles looking for your next true crime fix? There’s a very handy code you can use to save you time. When you open up Netflix’s search function, just type in 9875 and just like magic, all of the streamer’s true crime content will appear before your very eyes. This is much more manageable to look through.

The hack was shared by TikTok user taylorkreiling. What’s even more exciting is that there’s a code for practically every genre you can think of. Here are just a couple that may be of use to you: action & adventure (1365), anime (7424), children & family movies (783), cult movies (7627), documentaries (6839), drama (5763), horror movies (8711), music (1701), sci-fi & fantasy (1492), thrillers (8933), and TV shows (83).

Well, that should keep you busy over the festive period which actually raises a good question. Netflix, where is our Christmas movie code?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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