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Netflix Adding More Anime, Including Some All-Time Classic Titles

Netflix Adding More Anime, Including Some All-Time Classic Titles

Netflix have partnered with Nippon TV and will bring 13 of their anime projects to the streaming service.

Netflix has somewhat of a reputation for cancelling a ton of its original titles. In the past few weeks, both Resident Evil and Q-Force hit the chopping block but cancellations aside, there’s still plenty to check out on the streaming service. A new thriller has skyrocketed into the Global Top 10 and now, it’s been announced that more anime is on the way.

Check out the new trailer for Netflix’s Cyberpunk: Edgerunners below.

Anime fans have had a pretty decent time as of late. The Dragon Ball / Fortnite crossover has gone down spectacularly well and this latest batch of additions to hit Netflix is sure to keep anime fans entertained for the foreseeable future.

Nippon TV has officially partnered with Netflix and will bring 13 new titles to the streaming service. On 1 September, subscribers will be able to check out the first 38 episodes of Hunter x Hunter plus Ouran High School Host Club and Claymore.

The following titles will also be added to Netflix at a later date: Death Note, Death Note: Relight 1, Death Note: Relight 3, From Me To You, From Me To You Second Season, Berserk, Parasyte - The Maxim, Nana, Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting! And Monster. As reported by Deadline, these projects won’t be available in all territories, but most major markets will be targeted. Death Note: Relight 2 is receiving the most-limited release, landing in just 14 markets.

Featured Image Credit: Nippon TV

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