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A Beloved Microsoft Trilogy Is Getting The 'Master Chief Collection' Treatment, Says Insider

A Beloved Microsoft Trilogy Is Getting The 'Master Chief Collection' Treatment, Says Insider

According to Xbox Insiders, Microsoft is looking to make a collection from one of its classic trilogy franchises.

An unnamed Microsoft owned trilogy of games is rumoured to be getting the Halo: The Master Chief Collection treatment, with a release estimated to be in 2023. The information comes from Nick 'Shpeshal' Baker on the XboxEra podcast.

Baker has been known to be reliable with rumours in the past, and with details on the rumour being so vague it seems likely that something like this could be in the works. The only part left for Xbox fans to figure out is just which series will be getting the treatment.

Has it been a while since you last played Fable? Experience some of the nostalgia by watching the official Fable III trailer below.

With three games in its main series, and a reboot of the series currently in the works from PlayGround Games, Fable is currently the most realistic guess for the rumoured collection. CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer has previously announced that Microsoft is excited to work with old franchises, and the last in the Fable trilogy released in 2010. Fable has also seen a number of unsuccessful spin off games in recent years, so this would fit well in Microsoft's plans.

Other suspects include Gears Of War and Fallout. However, both franchises have more than three games in their main line up, and also releases within the past five years. As such it seems less likely that either of these are the franchise in the rumoured collection. It is not impossible though as these are still Microsoft classics.

Finally there is a wild card in the mix. Following Microsoft's almost $70billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it acquired a number of gaming behemoths. Series such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater now belong to Microsoft. However, as collections of all three of these are still fresh in players' minds, it seems unlikely to be the case.

If we look in its back catalogue for a popular series which has long since been abandoned one's eyes might naturally fall on Guitar Hero. While there are five games in the mainline series, the franchise petered out in 2009 making it ripe for a revival. With a huge number of DLC and add-on games, it would also make for the perfect all-in-one collection.

While it is all speculation at this point it doesn't hurt to ponder which classic franchise you would like see get The Master Chief Collection treatment. 

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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