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Lord of the Rings deserves a game on the scale of Hogwarts Legacy, say fans

Lord of the Rings deserves a game on the scale of Hogwarts Legacy, say fans

Not to knock the 30-odd Lord of the Rings games that already exist.

Hogwarts Legacy is, in spite of everything that the cynics have said, a massive triumph for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Our own review pointed out that the combat isn't on par with other RPGs and that elements of the open world will lead to players rolling their eyes. Nevertheless, "It’s hard to consider Hogwarts Legacy as anything other than a success for the Harry Potter fans who have waited this long for their letter," with fans praising the majesty of the magical school and how enjoyable the game is even in short stints. Equally though, there are skeptics who view purchases of the game as an acceptance of the problematic opinions of author J. K. Rowling, and some have even gone to lengths to spoil the game for others.

Check out Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy below:

Of course, Harry Potter fans have waited years for a game like this, and now, The Lord of the Rings readers are wondering what a title on the same scale as Hogwarts Legacy would look like. That's not to discount Lord of the Rings Online, the Battle for Middle-earth duo, the Shadow of Mordor series, or the upcoming Gollum game, yet some might be more interested in a peaceful single-player outing developed with the technology of today.

"I would love a Hobbit farming simulator where the biggest drama is your fellow villagers being petty about something!" said Reddit user AlpacaMarraca. "I’m actually really disappointed. Not in this game, because it looks absolutely f*cking amazing. But I’m disappointed because I know I’ll never be able to play a Lord of the Rings game where they put this much detail and care into the game," relayed user Steel_city917. Chin up.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, New Line Cinema

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