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'House Of The Dragon' Episode 4 Is Pure Chaos And The Memes Are Too Good

'House Of The Dragon' Episode 4 Is Pure Chaos And The Memes Are Too Good

Following in the tradition of Game of Thrones, this week's House Of The Dragon episode was chock full of sex.

Warning: This article contains references to incest and spoilers for episode four.

House Of The Dragon is off to a flying start. The show’s premiere marked HBO’s most successful series premiere of all time, and House Of The Dragon is currently ahead of The Rings of Power in the ratings and viewership race. After last week’s violent battle between Daemon and the Crabfeeder, the latest episode gave us a fill of Game of Thrones’ other key defining qualities: sex and hedonism.

Yet to dive into the series? Check out the trailer below.

As always, this week’s drama was kickstarted by Daemon who decided to take Rhaenyra, his niece, to a pleasure house. One thing led to another and next thing we know, the duo were (to use the words of Otto) “coupling”. Rhaenyra had a great time, but Daemon freaked out so the young princess shimmied back up to the castle where she then got it on, so to speak, with Criston Cole. A good choice.

Admittedly, Viserys wasn’t best pleased that his daughter’s virtue had been endangered, particularly as he’d tried so hard to find Rhaenyra a good match. Shout out to lil old Willem Blackwood. The lad tried his best to impress, and certainly taught a lesson to his naysayers. All in all, it was a pretty chaotic time for Rhaenyra, so naturally, the internet responded with only the finest memes. Take a look at some of our favourites below.

The episode ended with Viserys declaring that Rhaenyra would have to marry Laenor Velaryon, but with Criston Cole posted up right outside her door, I wouldn’t expect Rhaenyra to settle anytime soon. This is a Game of Thrones spin-off after all.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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