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'House Of The Dragon' Could Be Teasing Plot Of The Jon Snow Spin-Off

'House Of The Dragon' Could Be Teasing Plot Of The Jon Snow Spin-Off

House Of The Dragon's 'The Prince That Was Promised' prophecy could be a hint about the upcoming Jon Snow spin-off show.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for House Of The Dragon episode four.

This week’s House Of The Dragon was full of pure chaos. Rhaenyra was presented with a hefty amount of eligible suitors but somehow ended up “coupling” in a pleasure house with her Uncle Daemon, before then getting it on with Criston Cole. Amidst all the frivolity though, the episode referenced an important prophecy known as ‘The Prince That Was Promised.’ Game of Thrones seemed to imply that the ‘Prince’ was Jon Snow and now fans think that House Of The Dragon might’ve hinted as to how this could affect the upcoming Jon Snow spin-off series.

Yet to check out House Of The Dragon? Take a look at the trailer below.

There’s a lot to dive into. Let’s start with the prophecy: “From my blood comes the prince that was promised, and his will be the song of ice and fire.” I’ll be honest. It’s a little bit messy. The prophesied prince was essentially destined to end the threat of the White Walkers and it was believed that they would be a Targaryen, hence the fire part. The first person to spring into your mind is likely to be Jon Snow, and it’s true that he does seem to play into the prophecy.

Of course, it was Arya that stabbed the Night King and the Valyrian word for ‘prince’ is gender neutral so it can also mean 'princess.' Rhaegar Targaryen also prophesied that “the dragon must have three heads.” Well in the TV series, Arya, Jon, and Daenerys can all be credited with putting a stop to the White Walkers so there’s a couple of potential candidates at play here.

Needless to say, fans weren’t too impressed with the lack of clarity on the prophecy in Game of Thrones’ final season so House Of The Dragon is clearly up to something when it comes to bringing it up again and now, they believe that the prophecy may be hinting towards the plot of the upcoming Jon Snow spin-off.

When we left Jon, he was venturing into the snowy lands beyond the wall. Given that the White Walkers are gone, many of us have questioned what’s left for Jon to conquer out there, but perhaps they’re not as dead as we think. ‘The Prince That Was Promised’ is also said to refer to a reincarnation of Azor Ahai - a legendary hero wielding a burning sword. Fans think that perhaps the spin-off will see Jon take on this role in a final epic battle against the White Walkers.

Reddit user somethingnerdrelated wrote, “The [Jon] Snow show is going to be about Jon Snow post-season eight finale and how he goes on to become Azor Ahai. The ‘Long Night’ we saw was just the first assault and there’s an even bigger fight later,” with Uhtred_McUhtredson adding, “The ‘final’ season was just the first incursion of the White Walkers led by the Night Deputy. The true Night King is still in the distant North and the story will pick up in the Jon Snow Show.” 

JacP123 agreed saying, “Maybe the Jon Snow Sequel is meant to give us a proper conclusion to the story of The Prince Who Was Promised.” As did CT_Phipps, “Wow, they're really foreshadowing that Snow show they're making. I wonder what the Long Night will be like in it,” and Lucky-Load2637 saying, “I'm increasingly of the opinion that the so-called Night King was a fake out. Maybe this is just me still being in denial but why would they keep bringing up the prophecy so much if it wasn't going to be important later? That's just Chekhov 101. I truly think the Jon Snow spinoff is going to introduce us to who the real villain is.” I’m convinced.

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