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Hogwarts Legacy players discover hidden opportunity to learn a new spell

Hogwarts Legacy players discover hidden opportunity to learn a new spell

The library is open and ready to show you all the spells you missed out on

Whether you morally align with light or dark is a choice only you can make in Hogwarts Legacy, however, it’s a choice that comes with consequences. Unless you make use of a hidden opportunity to learn a spell fans previously thought they were locked out of depending on the choices they'd made.

There are several Dark Arts spells you can learn in Hogwarts Legacy, though some gamers have previously denied tapping into such power for fear of turning bad. We understand – we’ve read the books, seen the films, and know how easy it is to succumb to the allure of forbidden magic.

Magic awaits for you no matter your personal agenda in Hogwarts Legacy.

Apparently, however, you needn’t deny yourself such knowledge, as you are able to still learn the Imperio spell even if you turned the opportunity down the first time around during the 'In The Shadow of Time' quest. After not taking Sebastian up on his offer to learn this curse, if you then 'deny Ominis twice', you'll have a further opportunity to learn Imperio later in the story.

This revelation was posted on a Harry Potter subreddit, but unfortunately, the moderators have taken the full post down pending approval. Fortunately, other fans know this trick too, so we can still help you disappoint your favourite teacher.

Players can talk to Sebastian and ask him to teach them Imperio instead, much to his horror. Yet, the moral ambiguity of this scene has been deemed as far more fitting for Ominis and Sebastian’s story.

“I thought this alternate option to learn the curse fits the conflict between Ominis and Sebastian better and is more emotional than the 'default' scene (where MC learns the curse right away),” one player explains. “We see Sebastian's reaction and he's clearly disturbed at MC's suggestion to teach him the curse so he can go and use it on Sebastian's best friend, which adds to the whole moral dilemma.”

It seems there are more terrifying secrets than just the new DLC to discover. Should you not like the idea of putting Sebastian in such an awkward position, you can simply wait until the quest is complete then visit Sebastian in the Undercroft where he’ll teach you “any/all curses”. Obviously, you want to avoid getting Sebastian expelled otherwise that option goes bye-bye.

With this newfound power and knowledge, will you be using it for evil?

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