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Hideo Kojima's Latest Collab With NASA Will Set You Back $1,000

Hideo Kojima's Latest Collab With NASA Will Set You Back $1,000

Hideo Kojima has partnered with NASA on a pricey project that could cost you $1,000. It looks cool though.

Hideo Kojima might refuse to reveal anything he’s currently working on, but it’s clear to see that he’s a busy guy. Actor Norman Reedus recently let slip that work had begun on Death Stranding 2 and just last week, Kojima released a cryptic poster featuring what appears to be actress Elle Fanning. Could this be linked to the rumoured horror project we heard about a few months back? Amidst all of the secrecy, Kojima found the time to partner up with NASA on a rather pricey project.

Kojima is working on an Xbox exclusive too. Check out the reveal below.

It’s not a game, sorry to disappoint. Kojima has actually teamed up with NASA to create a wristwatch of all things. The design features Ludens who is the Kojima Productions company mascot. If you’re not familiar with Ludens, he’s essentially a guy in a space suit so the NASA link is probably making more sense now.

The watch was designed by watchmaker Anicorn who based the silver and gold colouring on the palette of Ludens’ suit. The NASA logo can be seen on the watch face which also reads, “Extra-Vehicular Creative Activity Suit.” There’s also the Kojima Productions’ logo.

Fancy getting your hands on this snazzy bit of kit? You might want to think again. The price of the watch is yet to be confirmed but typical Anicorn watches sell for over $1,000. Given that this is a limited edition model, it’ll certainly be pricey. There will be 600 copies made, and 100 of these will also feature a skull mask. Always nice to get a freebie with a $1,00 purchase. I’d imagine anyway. I wouldn’t know.

Featured Image Credit: NASA, Hideo Kojima via Instagram

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