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‘Hawkeye’ Executive Producer Would Love To Make The Avengers Musical For Real

‘Hawkeye’ Executive Producer Would Love To Make The Avengers Musical For Real

Rogers: The Musical would be a hit, don't you think?

If you’re behind on Marvel’s work - because, I mean there’s a lot of it, don’t worry about it - Hawkeye had quite the unexpected musical. Clint Barton, trying to make sure his kids are having the best of times in New York, takes them to ‘Rogers: The Musical’. It’s a production, at least partially, set during The Avengers and gives us a sort of look into how Marvel’s world is dealing with the existence of superheroes. They’re so big they get their own shows now. 

As funny as it is in Hawkeye to see Barton reacting to his own show, fans have actually loved the idea of having an Avengers musical, and the executive producer also seems pretty keen. Comicbook spotted an interview between Trinh Tran (Infinity War, Endgame, Hawkeye) and interviewers The Reel Rejects. She’s asked about the possible future of the musical and it turns out she’d love to make one. 

Here is the trailer for Hawkeye...

Tran says: "I'd love to make a musical one day for Marvel, right? Who wouldn't? Rogers: The Musical started out as an idea in the backdrop as we were in the writers' room. It wasn't anything that he (Clint) was gonna go and attend an event, it was just sort of, “We'll see billboards of it”. “How fun would it be if we picked an instance in the past that the Avengers have experienced and do a musical about that?'"

She goes on to say that the more they joked and talked about it the more real it became: “The more excited we got about it, it just sort of grew and grew into an actual event." Hopefully, as more and more people watch the series and joke about having an entire musical, we’ll get to see one play out. I mean wouldn’t that make a great What If…? story? I sure think it would.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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