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'Halo Infinite' Speedrunner Smashes Through Game Without Firing A Bullet

'Halo Infinite' Speedrunner Smashes Through Game Without Firing A Bullet

The speedrunner managed to beat the whole thing in four hours, which is impressive even *with* guns.

I don’t know about you, but I love a good game challenge run. Whether it’s Breath of the Wild with only three hearts, or beating Cuphead while taking no damage, it’s amazing the amount of time and patience some people put into playing games in very specific ways, just because they can. Props to them.

Obviously one of the main ways you can play a game in a challenging way is by taking on a speedrun, and completing the game as fast as possible. These take a lot more skill than what it might seem on the surface, with players refining perfect routes and exploits seemingly endlessly to shave mere seconds off run times. Well, what if you were to combine the two?

While you're here, check out some of our favourite Halo Infinite wins and fails below.

Meet speedrunner and content creator Simply & Slick, who’s beaten Halo Infinite with perhaps the most convoluted set of conditions possible. Having already completed a number of Infinite speedruns on their channel, they clearly decided that wasn’t enough, and set out to complete the game as fast as possible while also completely banning the use of any firearms, including guns and energy weapons. 

Other rules for the run included the fact that the player was allowed to use any glitches or exploits that had previously been discovered (but no mods, of course), gravity hammers and energy swords were considered legal, and using the explosive energy coils strewn across the map was also allowed.

As well as successfully completing the game without firing a single bullet, the speedrunner also says that they managed to do the full run in four hours, which is also super impressive when you consider that the main story of Infinite runs for about 10 and a half hours, according to HowLongToBeat (and you’d certainly assume most people who’ve submitted their times there would have used at least one gun during their play-through).

That’s obviously not the fastest Simply & Slick can go, though - currently, the fastest Infinite run on their channel is 44 minutes and 15 seconds long, which is insanely fast by anyone’s standards. Bear in mind that time was under the Any% category, which allows players to use glitches and exploits to get through the game faster. I’m certainly not going to challenge that time, anyway.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios, Microsoft

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