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‘Halo Infinite’ Devs “Understand The Community Is Running Out Of Patience”

‘Halo Infinite’ Devs “Understand The Community Is Running Out Of Patience”

In a Reddit post, Halo Infinite's community director offered a response to fans who are tired of waiting for new game content.

Halo Infinite had a really solid launch when it released last November. As well as clutching out the GAMINGbible readers’ game of the year, in our review, we called it a “fun and much needed return to form for the franchise”, although we noted that some parts felt a little empty, with “huge potential for things to come in DLC”. 

Clearly, a lot of the players have been thinking the exact same thing, because for a while now, fans have been asking when exactly we’ll be seeing any significant new content added to the game. We’ve heard a lot about updates that are supposedly coming in the future, but little has actually been delivered, and people are beginning to get frustrated.

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Now, as reported by GamesRadar+, the game’s community director, Brian Jarrad, has acknowledged that the fanbase is “tired of words”, and want action: “There are indeed a lot of challenges and constraints. We're certainly not happy to be unable to meet player and community expectations, it's a difficult situation that's going to take the team time to work through,” he wrote in a Reddit post. “Right now the focus is on [Season Two] and we'll have more to share on that in the coming weeks. 

“Meanwhile a lot of production planning, costing, planning, hiring, etc. is all happening[,] which doesn't really lend to detailed regular updates. We understand the community is simply out of patience and frankly, I think understandably tired of words,” he continued. “We just need some time for the team to get the details sorted and then we can certainly share as much as we can.”

Over on Twitter, Jarrad confirmed that many things fans have been waiting for will be arriving in Infinite’s highly anticipated second season, but others are still in early stages of development, and it’s not currently known when they’ll be finished: “Just to manage expectations accordingly - the upcoming Infinite blog offers team perspectives on key Season [One] feedback themes. While some work items are confirmed [to be] coming in S2, many others are in earlier/various stages of development with no firm ETA yet,” he wrote. 

At least we do know some content is definitely on the way - the game’s second season is set to launch on 3 May, and will bring with it a new Arena map, as well as various gameplay balancing changes.

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