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Gotham Knights 'unplayable' following recent update, fans say

Gotham Knights 'unplayable' following recent update, fans say

If anything, it went from worse to worser.

Unfortunately, the latest update for Gotham Knights has caused the game to be "unplayable," adding to a whole host of issues that fans have with the action-adventure.

This isn't to say that fans are throwing in the cowl with Gotham Knights. The easiest thing to do would be to stop and pick something else to play, but, the community has come together to log the glitches and hitches so that Rocksteady is able to identify areas for improvement. Before the weekend, players were reporting on the Gotham Knights subreddit that the Steam PC version of the game would not start or install following the latest update.

Check out gameplay of Nightwing and Red Hood taking on the vicious streets of Gotham here!

"I’m not sure what’s going on but when I played prior to the update I was generally running between 50-60 FPS but post update on PC I’m running barely 40 and everything looks way worse," said one. "Just started having this issue as well. This plus the D3D12 crash that I keep getting, this game just gets more and more unplayable everyday," added another.

While this problem appears to be resolved, there is a megathread of "major bugs and feedback" doing the rounds on Reddit, accrued after 70 hours of playing. At first blush, all of these posts sound negative, but these are just the requests from people who adore the comics, characters and Gotham wanting the game to be the best it can be. After all, if it could happen to Cyberpunk 2077 which had much more severe issues, Gotham Knights could turn around toot sweet.

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