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'God Of War' PC Port Has Already Sold 1 Million Copies

'God Of War' PC Port Has Already Sold 1 Million Copies

Our man with no tan is breaking all records for Sony.

Despite only being released on 14th January the PC port of the reboot of God Of War has sold more than a million copies on Steam. According to Steam Spy, Kratos and his spawn have topped the Steam download charts consistently over the two week period since the release.

Not only that, but it also claims the Norse reboot of the Greek demi-god's saga has sold between one and two million games to date. It seems that not only are people purchasing the axe-wielding Spartan's story but they are also playing it. Peak concurrent players for the game, which originally released in 2018 on PlayStation, hits around 40,000 each day.

Our man with no tan also holds the record for most popular Sony title on PC. While previous champion Horizon Zero Dawn could boast a pretty tasty 56,000 concurrent players on its best day, Kratos has still taken the cake. Only two days after its PC debut, God Of War managed a delectable 74,000 players online.

If you haven't seen the differences between the console and the PC version of God Of War then check out the features trailer here.

This is in part due to the modding community who have been diving deep into the mechanics of the game since day one. The most popular of these seem to change our protagonist Kratos' appearance the most. From a cyclops, to googly eyes, to arms bigger than his torso, you can now have your Kratos just how you like him.

One of the most popular mods to date appears to be the aptly named "Kratos No Eyebrows No Beard" mod which believe it or not, does exactly what it says on the tin. While it won't give you the pointed goatee of the PlayStation 2 era Kratos, the shading on his upper lip does give the effect of a pretty gnarly handlebar moustache.

Another reason why our Spartan has been smashing records is all the extras PC playability can offer. Not only does the Steam version come with all the additional content already included, but can also provide true 4K resolution and an unlocked framerate. Coupled with its exceptional gameplay, it's really on to a winner.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Santa Monica

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