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'God Of War' PC Port Is Already A Huge Hit On Steam

'God Of War' PC Port Is Already A Huge Hit On Steam

This port is the first time that the game has ventured away from the PS4, and is already selling phenomenally well.

In wholly unsurprising news, the God of War PC port is already doing really well. Although it’s not actually out while tomorrow, clearly a lot of people have pre-purchased it ready to go, as it’s currently sat at number two on the Steam Top Sellers chart, second only to Monster Hunter Rise (which released on PC yesterday).

Again, this is hardly shocking. The 2018 release, which was originally a PS4 exclusive, won Game of the Year at the Game Awards 2018, as well as a BAFTA award for Best Game in 2019. I think we can all agree that, yeah, it’s a pretty good game, and it’s really great that it’s made its way over to PC for more people to be able to try it.

ICYMI... check out this trailer for the God of War PC port below.

It's worth noting that the original release remains the best selling PS4 game of all time, sitting pretty at 19.5 million copies as of August last year, so even though it’s impossible to tell at this point exactly how many people have bought the game on Steam, the number of people who’ve played it is about to be absolutely huge. Unless all the PS4 players have just decided to buy it again, for some reason. Also valid.

It’s a good time to pick it up if you hadn’t already, that is for sure, as we wait with bated breath for the release of God of War: Ragnarok. It was originally meant to release last year, but alas, the pandemic pushed it back, as it has many other things. While the official line at the minute for Ragnarok’s release is simply “2022”, PlayStation Game Size on Twitter, a user who regularly scrapes the back end system of the PlayStation Network for hidden information, recently uncovered a release date of 30 September 2022. Keep in mind though that this could definitely be a placeholder, but if it’s true, we certainly have a good while to wait yet. 

Beyond just being a good port of God of War, the game’s promising reception also adds strength to the argument of bringing more PlayStation exclusives over to PC (as our very own James Daly discusses here). We can only hope this might be the case - Persona 5 Royal needs freeing from its shackles too. 

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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