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'God Of War' Mod Makes Kratos Tell Really Bad Dad Jokes

'God Of War' Mod Makes Kratos Tell Really Bad Dad Jokes

A new mod for God Of War on PC pulls unused voice lines from actor Christopher Judge and uses them to tell dad jokes.

The PC port of the 2018 reboot of God Of War was only released a few weeks ago and it has already sold more than a million copies. It's quick success is in part down to the plethora of features as well as the graphical and performance fidelity playing on a high end gaming PC can offer. However, it is also in no small way influenced by the passionate and often amusing modding community.

Even with such minimal time since release, modders have been altering the game in a whole variety of hilarious ways. Whether it's decorating Kratos with googly eyes each the size of his head, giving him some terrifyingly beefed up guns, or removing all his facial hair (yes all of it), there are visual mods for whichever way you want to play your ashen Spartan.

Are you a fan of Kratos' new dad vibe? Then check out this super cut of every time he says 'boy'.

One of the main themes running through the Norse reimagining of the PlayStation 2 classic, is of course the touching relationship between our man with no tan and his son Atreus. However, think about how much more beautiful that relationship could be if Kratos was consistently owning his boy with some sick take downs, in the form of dad jokes.

Well now our prayers have been answered. Importing unused audio lines from Kratos' voice actor Christopher Judge, creator of the new mod, Mophead, adds in the jokes that Sony Santa Monica were not brave enough to include. The first is an absolute classic Dadder following the "Hi - I'm Dad" formula. While the second references his dominant position when asked to go outside to fetch cooking ingredients.

Available through Nexus Mods the beautifully titled God Of Dad Jokes Mod is apparently the first ever audio input mod. Just like a factory that makes okay products, this mod is very "satisfactory".

Featured Image Credit: Sony Santa Monica

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