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‘GoldenEye 64’ Has Finally Been Unbanned In One European Country

‘GoldenEye 64’ Has Finally Been Unbanned In One European Country

It's taken almost 25 years but GoldenEye is now unbanned in Germany

If we’re thinking about some of the most classic games in the Nintendo 64’s history, there are a few that top the list. There is Super Mario 64, perhaps Star Fox 64, Mario Kart 64 and more. But perhaps the one considered the king of the console, and one of the best FPS games ever made is GoldenEye 64. And although the game is close to 25 years old, it’s actually only just been unbanned in one country. 

According to Eurogamer and Eurogamer Germany, GoldenEye has just been unbanned in Germany. The game was on the list of products that could not be sold or advertised to minors for over two decades before someone decided to review that decision. That’s interesting about this is that when media is put on this list, it’s automatically resolved after 25 years, which is would have happened soon anyway. So why is it unbanned right now?

What if you combined Mario 64 and GoldenEye together? Well you get this incredible mod...

Well, it could be to do with the Switch Online Expansion Pack. Nintendo has released a bunch of N64 games on the Switch with their monthly payment system. It’s got many classic N64 titles on it already but more are set to arrive on the service in time, which might include GoldenEye. Though this isn’t certain, it’s a possibility. 

Germany is renowned for making the lives of game developers difficult with strict media rules. Although Dying Light is on the Switch’s eShop in other territories, it’s not on the UK store because Germany has banned the game. Additionally, it wasn’t that long ago where Germany finally got the version of Left 4 Dead 2 that the rest of the world has for similar strict reasons. The only other country with this reputation of harsh gaming bans is Australia, which at one point banned indie-hit Disco Elysium’s director’s cut of the game earlier this year.

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