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You Can Now Have A Waifu Who Lives On Your Computer Desktop

You Can Now Have A Waifu Who Lives On Your Computer Desktop

Mihoyo, developer behind Genshin Impact, have a new Steam app which lets you download an interactive wallpaper waifu.

MiHoYo, the developers behind free to play break out success Genshin Impact now have a lesser known app available on Steam. The N0va Desktop app brings interactive waifu Lumi to your desktop background, who will wake up your wallpaper with just a click.

Your constant cat-loving companion will arrive on your computer as a live wallpaper, where you can choose a number of backgrounds and costumes for her. Much like its more successful and action orientated Genshin Impact, Lumi is free to download.

If you're a Genshin Impact fan you can see more of the gorgeous world in the PlayStation 4 gameplay trailer below.

The N0va Desktop app features a cute trailer with our girl Lumi playing with a cat, however the high fidelity of this doesn't match the actual app. Instead of fully rendered videos, Lumi is mostly set on a fairly plain background wearing a different array of cat ears and risque nightgowns. Sadly, we don't get to experience Lumi playing with her furry friend again.

Despite being only available for five days so far, response has been mixed to Lumi. Many of the complaints include that she isn't very interactive, with each background featuring just one clickable cutscene. Others complained that you have to download all the backgrounds and costumes individually instead of coming downloaded with the app. A popular review is from user Toxic, who gave Lumi a positive thumbs up saying "I'm so lonely", so it seems Lumi still has an audience.

MiHoYo is used to negative feedback from fans. To celebrate reaching 2million followers the Genshin Impact Twitter account asked its followers to, in turn, follow the character Ella Musk. It said if the character's account reached 5million followers then miHoYo would invite controversial world's richest man Elon Musk to the studio for a Genshin Impact stream. The tweet was deleted but not before Musk himself to reply "Can't wait to be in Genshin Impact".

Featured Image Credit: miHoYo

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