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Halo TV Series Is Already Losing One Of Its Most Important Crew Members

Halo TV Series Is Already Losing One Of Its Most Important Crew Members

Kane is leaving the project for personal reasons

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

The Halo TV series is going to lose one of its most important crew members after only one season of the project. Lead showrunner Steven Kane will retire from the show after the first season finishes post-production to return to the US for personal reasons.

According to Variety, the showrunner has decided that even though a second season of the space-action series is likely to be made, he will not be part of the project going forward. This is the second showrunner to leave the project, as Kane was not the only one in this position at the very beginning of filming. Kyle Killen was set to co-showrun the TV series but quit before production had started.

The Halo TV show obviously stems from the video game series many of us love and cherish. The next addition to the game series is the upcoming Halo Infinite so have a look at some of its thrilling multiplayer gameplay...

The filming of the Halo series has been taking place in Budapest, meaning crew and cast have had to relocate themselves at various times to work on the show. All we know is that Kane has decided to return to the US after the first season is completed.

The series is still probably set to release in the first half of 2022, though suffered a tumultuous filming process like any other TV shows during the pandemic. The Witcher Netflix show, for example, had to pause filming a couple of times because of positive Covid tests.

It also looks like there is a trailer for the show set to release soon as one user on ResetEra has posted leaked screenshots of the footage. I'll leave a link to the post here for those that want to have a potential first look at how the show is shaping up but beware of potential spoilers. There's no shame in wanting to wait for the full show so you can enjoy hanging out with Master Chief in your own time.

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