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Xbox Game Pass Just Added A Major Bonus Subscription For Users

Xbox Game Pass Just Added A Major Bonus Subscription For Users

But you'll have to be on Ultimate to get it.

Georgina Young

Georgina Young

From now (24 March) until 31 March, the big boys at Microsoft have blessed us with a new perk to go along with our Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Fans of delicious superhero action will be able to get their fill over the next three months as the top end Game Pass subscription now comes with a couple of months of Marvel Unlimited for free. The comic book subscription service boasts over 30,000 comics from the superhero creating giants, including new issues which come out each week.

If you think you know your Scott Summers from your Matt Murdock, watch the trailer for Doctor Strange 2 and see how many Marvel character cameos you can spot.

Unfortunately, those who are already members of Marvel Unlimited can't add three extra months to their packages, as the offer is a way to wrangle in some new clientele. However, if you are not currently on the service you can gain access to Marvel's vast library of comics over the next couple of months, by accessing them through your browser or on the app.

The one major downside to this, is that it's one of those pesky re-occurring subscriptions. So if you do decide to go for the deal you will have to both cancel your Game Pass Ultimate subscription - if you don't wish to continue with the service for the games - and your Marvel Unlimited subscription before they charge you at the end of the three months.

It take a few months for comics on the shelves to become part of the Unlimited collection, but once they are you can read them whenever, wherever. There are 13 new collections currently being updated on the subscription service including The Thing, Hulk, Star Wars: The High Republic, Strange Academy and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix / Marvel / Microsoft

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