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Voice Actor Claims To Be Playing New Character In Upcoming GTA Project

Voice Actor Claims To Be Playing New Character In Upcoming GTA Project

But is it GTA VI after all?

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Grand Theft Auto VI rumours aren't going to stop until the game is finally released, are they? All sorts of rumours appear here and there about the setting, protagonists, maps, and more. Fans of Rockstar's bombastic series painstakingly analyse them and now, people think a voice actor has just spilt the beans on a character appearing in GTA VI. Others however, aren't so sure.

Meet Dave Jackson, a voice actor who posted something rather interesting on Facebook. Apparently, when caught up in the moment of signing a deal for voice acting with Rockstar, he let it slip that he'd be appearing in something "new".

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The post reads: "So I just found out from the producers that it's official; I will play the role of police chief Captain McClane in the new Grand Theft Auto series. I didn't have the heart to tell them that I didn't really have the time for it! Haha! Yep, someday I will take a nap. I know it. I just know it. Seriously it is a privilege to work with such a professional and fun group of folks. If you are a gamer stay tuned."

So we have a few unknown quantities in this equation. Jackson seems pretty legitimate in that this isn't a random post to a Reddit forum and he really is a voice actor. Though he has indicated this is a new game, it does seem likely that it's not actually Grand Theft Auto VI however, as a GTA Online update seems more appropriate.

As insider Tom Henderson says after speaking to Jackson, "I spoke with Dave and he's not been able to provide any significant evidence to back up his claims. But he did say he's not sure if it's for GTA 6 or another episode in GTA 5 and that a trailer is in production... So if it is legit I would assume it's for GTA Online."

So though we don't have confirmation on what project he is allegedly working on, nor the actual evidence to say it's real, it feels as though GTA Online probably is looking at a new expansion featuring Dave Jackson. Though with all the rumours around his Facebook post, it may be that Rockstar Games doesn't move forward with him after all.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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