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'Far Cry 6' Is Teasing A Battle Royale Mode

'Far Cry 6' Is Teasing A Battle Royale Mode

Welcome to the jungle.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

It's very possible that Far Cry 6 is going to get a battle royale if this cryptic video buried in the game is hinting at an upcoming multiplayer mode.

While the world of Yara knocks your socks off with its gorgeous vistas and vibrant wildlife, Julian Benson found it to be a hollow stage for what Far Cry 6 could have been. "It not only does little with its premise but is a poor version of things Far Cry has done well in the past," he concluded in our review of the game, and on the whole, most critics have agreed that something needs to change in the series' standard formula.

That something might be a battle royale or gritty survival mode, judging by what we can see in this strange trailer. This video pops up if you scan the QR code stuck to one of the wooden crates at the Cortina Weather Station. In fact, there are a number of QR codes dotted here and there across Yara with Easter eggs for dedicated players to sniff out.

Check it out below:

If you've seen Loki on Disney+, I'm sure you'll agree that this smiley sentient revolver chamber character looks very like Miss Minutes. As the footage has been "corrupted," we're not totally sure what this video is suggesting. Initially, the map shows something that looks like a temple surrounded by trees with three red arrows pointing towards it. Then, counters showing animals like deer, bison, bears and big cats appear.

The video flickers to show an image of a person being attacked by a big cat wearing armour, with the words "Sky Temple" in the upper right corner. A splatter of blood obscures what we see of the map after that, with those previously mentioned counters marked with skulls instead of silhouettes of animals.

Far Cry 6 didn't get an Arcade nor a map editor like its predecessors as Ubisoft wanted to work on "transporting players into the heart of a modern-day guerrilla revolution." It's possible, therefore, that this new mode will subsume that spot and challenge players to test their skills against savage wildlife, converging on a single spot as threats from other competitors hinder their progress. Details are expectedly light on the ground at the moment, but once we learn more, we'll keep you in the loop.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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