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xQc Tells Viewers Why Trying To Make It As A Streamer Is A Mistake

xQc Tells Viewers Why Trying To Make It As A Streamer Is A Mistake

He's worried that his viewers might see his story as a how-to to success, when it's been being in the right place at the right time.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Canadian Twitch streamer Félix "xQc" Lengyel has told his viewers that trying to follow in his footsteps is futile because "the reality is most people fail" if they aren't prepared for the future.

Lengyel started his professional live-streaming career in 2014 in order to show off his skill in League of Legends and Overwatch. Then, he was spotted by DatZit Gaming and won in the Dreamhack Montreal tournament in 2016 with his team. Just a year after that, he joined Dallas Fuel, however a slew of controversies meant that he was dropped by the organisation.

Now, he is a variety streamer for Luminosity Gaming and has a massive nine million followers on Twitch with about 56,000 people tuning in to every stream. Statistics like these are enviable yet Lengyel has told his viewers that they shouldn't try to emulate his success.

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On August 18th, Lengyel was chatting with his audience when he commented on how likely it is for any average Joe to become the next big thing on Twitch. "Like I 'made it', or whatever, right so of course I'm like 'yeah man just follow your goals lol', but that's not true though," said the streamer who seemed emotional over the topic. "You can't follow what I say blindly."

"Because the reality is, you will fail. Because, not you, I'm not saying you, but most people, because it's like, 99 point whatever per cent and that's true for most crazy business ideas, or crazy business ventures, or crazy plans. The reality is most people fail," continued Lengyel.

He appeared to be concerned that he didn't want to impart advice to his viewers on how to live their life or how to spend their savings when his situation is a product of hard work and being in the right place at the right time.

"Some people will make it but if everybody says 'Ah, you know what, dude, I'm gonna succeed because he said I will' and everybody goes all-in with no plan B, you're going to have a lot of very broken down, homeless, done people with no other options," explained Lengyel.

Featured Image Credit: xQcOW via Twitch, Rodnae Productions via Pexels

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