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Twitch Streamer Attacked By Drunk Stepdad During Live Broadcast

Twitch Streamer Attacked By Drunk Stepdad During Live Broadcast

Shocking footage

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

A clip of a Twitch streamer being forced to defend himself from his apparently drunk and aggressive stepfather has started circulating online.

The streamer, who goes by Silky White online, went live on Twitch last year when his stepdad unexpectedly appeared on the stream and started picking a fight. The incident was swiftly deleted from Twitch so as not to breach the platform's Terms of Service. But it has recently resurfaced and gone viral on Reddit.

Please be aware that some viewers may find the below footage distressing.

In the clip, Silky White is accused by his stepdad of not having a real job, to which the streamer replies that Twitch is his job. His stepdad hits back that he is simply "masturbating in front of a green screen".

"Hell yeah I am, do whatever I want in front of this green screen, yeah that's how that goes," Silky replied. "We pay you money, that's how that goes, you're drunk as s***t, shut up."

The stepdad then responded to being told to go upstairs, multiple times, by charging at the streamer while he was sat down. Silky immediately bounced from his chair and knocked his stepdad offscreen. The streamer said on Twitter soon after the incident that he was fine, but that he was embarrassed by his family.

It's unclear why exactly this clip has resurfaced on Reddit, but Silky recently posted on Twitter that he's seen a "sudden burst of followers".

This is likely as a result of the video blowing up online the way it has, with many viewers simply wanting to know how Silky is doing and if everything is going okay. Fortunately, his streams are still going strong and, in his own words, "things are going great". Be sure to give him a follow, won't you?

Featured Image Credit: Silky White via Twitch

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