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Eddie Hall Owns A Buster Sword Replica But It’s Making Fans Nervous

Eddie Hall Owns A Buster Sword Replica But It’s Making Fans Nervous

Forget Final Fantasy, this feels a little Final Destination

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

It turns out that Eddie Hall, who you may know as one of the strongest men on the planet, is actually a pretty big Final Fantasy fan. Hall won the World's Strongest Man competition back in 2017 and continues to hold the official world record for the heaviest deadlift at a mightly 500kg. He's a big deal in the weightlifting world but instead of decorating his living room wall with his mightiest accomplishments he's actually just put a Buster Sword up instead.

GameRant spotted that Hall has been showing off a new toy on his Instagram in all its glory, and somehow, though the strongman is huge, the Buster sword still manages to dwarf him a little. How the heck did Cloud ever manage to carry that thing around?

The caption says that Eddie Hall "accidentally" bought it but I'm sure that's just how he's excusing such an excellent purchase. The Buster sword might be one of the most recognisable video game weapons of all time, featuring in Final Fantasy 7 and the recent Remake. Though Cloud can change out the blade he carries, there is no more iconic sabre than the original Buster.

And although there is no doubt that this thing is beautiful, it does look like it could be just a little bit sharp. So understandably fellow strongman Adam Bishop points out that hanging the sword above a sofa, as Hall has, feels a little like it should belong in a Final Destination film. Hmm, perhaps a good point and a reason to move the sword to a less threatening position, right?

Hall isn't the only athlete to be recently revealed as a massive nerd. You may remember that a female athlete who won an Olympic gold medal wore a Witcher medallion as she competed and subsequently was welcomed home with an incredible Witcher themed ceremony.

Featured Image Credit: Eddie Hall / Square Enix

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