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The 'GTA 6' 2025 Release Window Is Reminding Fans Of Their Own Mortality

The 'GTA 6' 2025 Release Window Is Reminding Fans Of Their Own Mortality

We are all born to die.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

According to the latest rumours, the in-development Grand Theft Auto VI probably isn't going to launch until at least 2025 - a whopping 12 years after GTA V's initial release date.

While the vast majority of GTA VI rumours have big "my uncle works at Rockstar" energy, this latest report comes from leaker Tom Henderson. That name may be familiar to Battlefield fans, as he's the one who consistently and accurately leaked pretty much everything to do with Battlefield 2042 ahead of its unveiling. He knows a thing or two, basically.

Take a look at some of the best GTA V wins and fails below!

Henderson recently made a bunch of claims in relation to GTA VI, but perhaps the most shocking was that we probably shouldn't expect to see the game for another four or five years. He explained that a big part of this comes down to Rockstar's intention to really focus on employee wellbeing and crack down on crunch following GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2. He added that, frankly, the company isn't really in any rush. GTA V continues to make staggering amounts of money every year, so if taking it slow on GTA VI is what needs to happen? It can afford for that to be the case.

While the reasons behind this are completely understandable, there are fans out there who are taking the 2025 release window as an unpleasant reminder of their own mortality. Assuming GTA VI really does launch in 2025, there are going to be adults playing the game who were children when they first played GTA V. Granted kid shouldn't playing these games technically, but you see my point. Lives have been lived, children have been born.

I guess I'll see you guys in four years for GTA VI? Maybe? Let's wait and see.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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