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Superman Reboot Movie Reportedly Considering Introducing A Black Superman

Superman Reboot Movie Reportedly Considering Introducing A Black Superman

Cavill might not be coming back for this particular project

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

One of the main joys of comic books is how much the characters and story arcs can be reinterpreted edition after edition. We've had so many Jokers, Batmen, Iron Men, Storms, and more - each time with a new idea on the struggles and stories of characters. And with new interpretations of films with new directors and teams, there is an opportunity to reinvent the look of any character, including introducing Superman as Black.

A new reboot of Superman for the big screen has been announced, and it will be lead by director J.J. Abrams and author Ta-Nahesi Coates. You certainly know Abrams' work from watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, or The Rise of Skywalker, Star Trek (2009) or maybe Lost. Ta-Nahesi Coates is a prolific author in both ordinary literature and comic books including Black Panther and Captain America titles, too. It's reported that rather than casting Henry Cavill once again in the Superman role, the writer and director are considering bringing a Black actor in for the role.

The report from Comicbook coincides with a rumour that this actor could be Michael B Jordan, who played Killmonger in Marvel's 2018 film Black Panther. Although Henry Cavill sounds eager to have another outing as the Man of Steel, it might be that with this new interpretation, a new actor should be introduced.

This wouldn't be the first time Superman would be Black, though. Final Crisis, from the wider Superman multiverse, starred Calvin Ellis aka Kalel as Superman. This Superman wasn't only a superhero but was also the President of the United States - and yes, he was vaguely based on Barack Obama.

If this movie interpretation of Superman was portrayed by a Black actor, it could be Clark Kent, or it could be another Kryptonian like Kalel, much like Miles Morales in Into the Spiderverse.

Right now the details are unknown, and maybe even undecided. It would, of course, be great to see Cavill take on the role of Kent again, but he's pretty busy being Geralt of Rivia at the moment. It might be a chance for someone else to try out the red cape.

Featured Image Credit: DC Comics / Warner Bros.

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