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'Star Wars Battlefront 2' Is Free To Download Right Now

'Star Wars Battlefront 2' Is Free To Download Right Now

You won't believe the power of a free game.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Update: 15/01/2021: Star Wars Battlefront 2 is completely free to download and play via the Epic Store right now! Simply head here and get your piping hot free game.

Original story follows...

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the Epic Store's next weekly freebie. Starting Thursday, January 14th, you'll be able to download and enjoy DICE's sci-fi shooter.

If you haven't actually checked out Battlefront 2 since its undeniably disappointing launch back in 2017, I'd urge you to give it another look. Much like Darth Vader or Kylo Ren, the game has been through a redemption arc over the last few years. EA and DICE dialed back the oppressive amount of microtransactions, started adding more free content regularly, and transformed the game into a really rather excellent shooter and love letter to the Star Wars franchise.

I should also point out that Epic is offering the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Celebration Edition, which means that it includes "the complete collection of customisation content acquirable through in-game purchase," right up to the Rise of Skywalker update. DICE has added plenty of great new characters, maps, and modes over the years that has completely transformed the experience. It's the Super Smash. Bros Ultimate of Star Wars, with everyone from Luke Skywalker to Captain Phasma (remember her?) present and correct.

Believe me when I say if you didn't like the game back in 2017, you'll now be playing an entirely new experience. I'd go so far as to say it's one of the best Star Wars games you can play today. Maybe not up with there with LEGO Star Wars, I grant you, but what is?

Star Wars Battlefront 2's launch was mired in lootbox controversy
Star Wars Battlefront 2's launch was mired in lootbox controversy

But all that's for next week. For right now, Epic Games has decided to kick off its 2021 giveaways with Crying Suns. An FTL-like strategy roguelike that's... not quite as high-profile as Star Wars Battlefront 2, but still worth a look.

"Crying Suns is a tactical rogue-lite that puts you in the role of a space fleet commander as you explore a mysteriously fallen empire," reads the game's official description. "In this story rich experience inspired by Dune and Foundation, each successful run will uncover the truth about the Empire... and yourself as well."

Like I say, not quite Battlefront 2, but something to tide you over until the shooter hits the Epic Store next week.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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