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Saints Row Reboot Confirmed With Wild Trailer And Release Date

Saints Row Reboot Confirmed With Wild Trailer And Release Date

New Saints on the block.

Mark Foster

Mark Foster

Six years since the last Saints Row game, Saints Row IV: Gat Out Of Hell, developers Deep Silver Volition have announced that the beloved series is getting a full reboot with the release of Saints Row.

Revealed during the Gamescom Opening Night Live event on Wednesday, a wild trailer shows off some of the new characters and world we can expect to see in the game. Make sure you wear a seatbelt because this ride gets bumpy.

Check out the trailer below:

A team of four Saints are introduced within the opening moments of the trailer, named as Eli, Kevin, Neenah and The Boss. Anybody who's played a Saints Row game in the past will know that The Boss, is the character players will take control of, and they're usually allowed to customise the living heck out of them.

In the trailer, we see this crew pulling off a weapons heist from another gang called Panteros, stealing their car in the process and triggering a city-wide chase sequence that predictably ends in explosions. No complaints here.

The unnamed city in which the action takes place has a distinctively American Southwest style, with arid deserts, cacti and garish neon lights illuminating the various buildings. To tell the truth, it has more than just a hint of Las Vegas about it, but whatever the case, it's sure to be an ideal playground of mayhem for fans of the series.

Rebooting the series over a decade and a half into its life is a brave move by Deep Silver Volition and one that's bound to draw some questions from gamers, though being realistic it's definitely the smart move. The OG series had gone so far off the rails, it was in perpetual freefall, so seeing it go back to its roots somewhat will hopefully be refreshing.

We know little else about Saints Row at this stage other than the fact that the game will release on February 25th 2022 assuming it doesn't hit any snags during development, which gives us exactly six months to wait.

Featured Image Credit: Deep Silver Volition

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