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Capcom Confirm The Giant Vampire Lady Is 9'6" Tall And We Can't Cope

Capcom Confirm The Giant Vampire Lady Is 9'6" Tall And We Can't Cope

Watch out boy, she'll chew you up

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

I don't have a PlayStation 5 yet, so some of the buzz around Resident Evil Village has slightly passed me by, as I wasn't able to play the demo that Capcom released the other week. What I haven't been able to avoid, however, is the social media buzz (thirst?) around one of its characters, Lady Dimitrescu.

The name might not be immediately recognisable to less-invested players out there just yet; but if you, too, have been browsing Twitter lately and seen folk posting snaps of a very tall vampire from Resident Evil Village, possibly with some emoji action implying affection (to say the least): that's her. She is: powerfully intimidating. And some players, they cannot get enough of her.

And this attention has not passed Capcom by. The developers of the Resident Evil series have seen your posts, your fan art and your prose that we definitely cannot republish here, and have offered some vital statistics to encourage your obsession further.

Resident Evil Village art director Tomonori Takano put out a short statement viia the official Resi Twitter account, thanking fans for their enthusiasm for the game, and for Lady Dimitrescu, so far. He writes:

"I wanted to use this opportunity to publicly reflect on the outpouring of positivity we've received from the fans on our latest announcement. As a representative of the development team, thank you to all the fans who continue to follow us.

"Most recently, Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters have received a fair amount of attention, far more than we anticipated. It's great that they're able to take the spotlight as icons of Resident Evil Village. Lady Dimitrescu, especially, has received much fanfare both domestically and overseas, which has made all of us in the development team extremely happy."

And then, the kicker: Takano confirms that Lady Dimitrescu's height is a more-than-impressive nine feet and six inches - or two metres and 90 centimetres, if you're somewhere that prefers the metric system. That is in her hat and heels, mind you. Which, if it's helpful, makes her about as tall as a fully upright grizzly bear (thanks, Cian). No word on whether or not bears wear heels so well, though.

Now, what you do with this information, is your thing. Nobody's here to judge. Resident Evil Village released on May 7th 2021 for PC, PlayStations 4 and 5, and Xboxes One and Series X/S. Reminder too, if you need it, that the fantastic HD version of the Resident Evil remake (as in, of the original game) is currently free on Xbox Games With Gold. You'd be foolish to pass that up.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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