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This Pokémon-Inspired Open-World Game Looks Utterly Gorgeous

This Pokémon-Inspired Open-World Game Looks Utterly Gorgeous

And dare we say, a little Genshin Impact inspired too.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

We're now entering the era of the Poké-like. Games that directly take inspiration from the Pokémon franchise and then weave their own magic in to make something different, and DokeV looks like it could be a new obsession for Pokémon fans.

Revealed at Gamescom 2021, DokeV looks like a half-way point between Genshin Impact and Pokémon games. It's an open-world single player adventure where humans and Dokebi (fantastical creatures) live side-by-side in harmony and even fight together when needed.

Here is what we've seen of DokeV so far...

Surprisingly the trailer doesn't really show off the companion system, just the fights in which these Dokebi will become useful, and the gorgeous environments that all these elements will come together in.

The description released alongside the trailer says: "DokeV is an upcoming creature-collecting open-world action-adventure from Pearl Abyss filled with intriguing stories and set in a unique, vibrant world. Meet Dokebi, whimsical creatures that live side-by-side with humans and encourage people's dreams from which they gain strength. The gorgeous and colourful world of DokeV is brimming with activities, stories, and experiences, so get ready to befriend tons of Dokebi, embark on an adventure, and rock the world! Who knows, they may be dancing around you, even now!"

According to the Dark Side of Gaming, the Dokebi are actually from Korean mythology, though the "Korean Goblins" would originally be spelt Dokkaebi which is a cool fun fact, don't you think?

Genshin Impact also seems to have had an influence on the way these characters fight and explore. There is the Breath of the Wild paraglider mechanic which Genshin included, but with chaotic fighting seems like something you'd see in the world of Teyvat.

We're not sure when DokeV will be released as the window is currently TBA, but we'll be waiting expectantly for more news.

Featured Image Credit: Pearl Abyss

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