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Peeled Pokémon Are Freaking Everyone Out

Peeled Pokémon Are Freaking Everyone Out

Taking Pokémon back to basics.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Some people just want to watch the world burn huh? This weird Twitter project has both fascinated and disturbed Pokémon fans as they see all the pocket monsters they know and love transformed into weird blobs. "Pokémon but peeled" is exactly what it sounds like - it's an account dedicated to peeling features off of Pokémon.

Now, what is 'peeling' a Pokémon? Good question - somewhat thankfully it's not peeling the skin off of these creatures, though I dreaded that possibility. The artist behind 'Pokémon but peeled' edits a bunch of the features off of Pokémon so they're left as the absolute core pieces. A tail? Peeled. Ears? Gone. Excessive fur? Deleted.

So what's the artistic process like for a person making these peeled Pokémon? Kotaku's report notes that it started out as a joke - something revealed on a frequently asked questions page the creator set up. "Honestly," he says, "this started as a joke between me and my friends. I just posted them to Twitter to have a place to store them all because I routinely clean my computer, and I just decided to do it in Pokedex order this time around." Well makes perfect sense when you put it like that. Who would have thought the art would attract a Twitter crowd of 66,000 people along the way?

Currently, the artist is working their way through Gen 4 Pokémon and has already peeled all the Pokémon from Gen 1, 2, and 3. They've got a handy little page so you can find your favourites quickly too if you want to see how a specific favourite looks like a weird shell of their former selves. Personally, I just had to see Jigglypuff - and yeah it's basically just a ball with a smile so I'm satisfied.

See the entire account for Pokémon but peeled here if you dare.

Featured Image Credit: Pokemon but peeled (via Twitter) / The Pokemon Company

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