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'The Last Of Us' Streamer Finds Creepy Cordyceps Easter Egg During Prologue

'The Last Of Us' Streamer Finds Creepy Cordyceps Easter Egg During Prologue

Looks like a fungi.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Every single time I think I must possibly have seen everything The Last Of Us has to offer, I'm pulled right back in. It's been nearly eight years since Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic adventure, yet players are still discovering secrets in places most of us would never have thought to look.

YouTuber and speedrunner Anthony Caliber recently released a fascinating video detailing an Easter egg in The Last Of Us' prologue that most of us never knew about. While Caliber acknowledges that some players have stumbled across this secret before, it remains widely unknown - most likely because of the ridiculous steps players have to follow to see the damn thing.

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As you can see in the video below, Caliber explains that the prologue of The Last Of Us - in which you play as Joel's daughter Sarah exploring the house - has a series of checkpoints throughout. Going into Joel's bedroom triggers the familiar moment in which a news broadcast on the TV is interrupted by an explosion. Sarah then sees that same explosion in the distance, and the TV goes static. Creepy - but it can get creepier.

If the player walks Sarah downstairs to trigger the next save, then quits to the main menu and reloads the checkpoint, they'll find something very different if they walk back up the stairs to Joel's. On the TV, instead of static, is the still image of a Cordyceps-infected ant. Caliber points out that "it's weird because it's so specific to get". Simply restarting the checkpoint via the pause menu won't trigger this Easter egg - you need to specifically quit the game and then reload from the main menu.

Can we all agree that this is really damn creepy? Not only is it a horrifying reminder that Cordyceps is real and can actually control ants, it's also fascinating to think that someone at Naughty Dog put this in the game, knowing it would only be found by people who followed a weirdly specific and vague number of steps. It makes you wonder what else might still be hiding in The Last Of Us, even after all this time.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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