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PlayStation 5 Has Already Outsold Wii U, Vita, And Dreamcast In The UK

PlayStation 5 Has Already Outsold Wii U, Vita, And Dreamcast In The UK

PlayStation High Five

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Like me, I'm sure you probably wake up in a cold sweat each morning wandering exactly how well the PlayStation 5 is doing. Turns out the answer is pretty damn well, at least here in the UK.

According to a recent tweet from's Christopher Dring, in just five months the PlayStation 5 has already outsold the PS Vita, Nintendo Wii U, and SEGA Dreamcast here in the UK. To be clear, that's PlayStation 5 sales in less than half a year versus the entire lifetime UK sales of the other hardware.

Granted, the Vita, Wii U, and Dreamcast aren't exactly synonymous with resounding success. As much as I love all three consoles (and I genuinely do), they were pretty much all considered flops. It's maybe not a huge surprise that the PlayStation 5 has outpaced them, then, but I am impressed that it managed that in just five months.

UK-specific figures for these older consoles and their lifetime are pretty hard to come by, but it's estimated that the Wii U and Vita were just short of 700k sales each. We also know that the PlayStation 4 reached a similar number in its first few months on sale, so the PlayStation 5 is currently very much on track to match - or even beat - its predecessor, just as Sony predicted.

Despite stock shortages all over the world, the PlayStation 5 is having a great time across the pond too. According to data released last month, Sony's next-gen hardware is already the fastest-selling console in US history.

While this is obviously great for Sony, I can't help but wondering how much better the console would be doing if everyone that wanted one was actually able to get one. The company has been pretty open in regards to its struggle to meet the intense demand for PlayStation 5 consoles, an issue that hasn't been helped any by scalpers consistently taking whatever little stock there is. Things are gradually improving, but it's a slow process.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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