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Petition Wants To Replace Gina Carano With Don Cheadle In ‘The Mandalorian’

Petition Wants To Replace Gina Carano With Don Cheadle In ‘The Mandalorian’

And the reasoning behind the petition isn't all that bad.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

A petition has been started for Don Cheadle to take the place of Gina Carano in Disney's the Mandalorian following Carano's firing. The actor, perhaps best known for his performances as War Machine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been pushed forward by fans to take the place of Carano, playing Cara Dune. And despite the petition being just a little ridiculous, the fans' reasoning isn't half bad.

Okay, let's rewind the clock a little back to 2008 when the original Iron Man came out. For those unfamiliar with Phase One of the MCU, Don Cheadle was not the original War Machine - in Iron Man James "Rhoey" Rhodes is played by Terrence Howard instead. When it came time for the next appearance for War Machine in the MCU, and Howard left the project over contract disagreements, who stepped in? Don Cheadle. And that's why fans want him to play Cara Dune.

To add to their logic, Jon Favreau is the showrunner for The Mandalorian, and he was the director of Iron Man so Favreau and Cheadle already have a good relationship when Favreau needed to recast a character. I mean the more we look into this logic, the more it makes sense, no?

The petition spotted by The Gamer brings these points to the forefront and has gained enough traction to have over 2.8k signatures at the time of writing. The argument on the posts with a line we can't help but feel inspired by - "We need the Cheadle." Poetry.

In more serious recasting ideas, some fans are really pushing for Lucy Lawless to take over the role of Cara Dune if Disney decides to keep Dune within the universe. You might know Lawless better as the star of Xena: Warrior Princess. The part of Dune was originally written for Gina Carano so no one else was ever auditioned for the role, but if there was a perfect recasting (outside of Cheadle of course) Lawless might just be the show's best bet.

Featured Image Credit: Don Cheadle (via Instagram) / Disney

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