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'The Alien Cube' Is A Horrifying Lovecraftian Horror Boasting Incredible Visuals

'The Alien Cube' Is A Horrifying Lovecraftian Horror Boasting Incredible Visuals

What's in the box?

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Though we spend a lot of time looking forward to triple-A games, we love nerding out about indies too. Especially when they look like they might scare the crap out of us - and by us, I mean friends who can report back to me and tell me not to play it because I'll cry. One such instance is The Alien Cube which looks like it could be your healthy dose of Lovecraftian terror.

As reported by the Dark Side of Gaming, The Alien Cube now has a trailer out which looks excellent, in a creepy way. If you head on over the Steam page of the game it says: "The Alien Cube is a Lovecraftian first-person horror adventure, spiritual successor to The Land of Pain. You play as Arthur, a lonely man whose life is about to change dramatically when strange events start to occur after finding out about the disappearance of your Uncle Edgar.

Here is the trailer for The Alien Cube...

"The world around you hides a terrible secret, a dark and occult reality in which your uncle seemed to have played an important part somehow. Tormented by nightmarish visions, you will need to embark on a journey to find out the truth and survive the darkness that is haunting you." Spooky, eh? Perhaps exactly the type of game you want for October.

Well, you're in luck because the game's planned release day is today (October 14) and there is at least a demo available right now if you're interested in trying it out. The way this game looks in the screenshots is amazing - totally beautiful in a really unnerving way. The gameplay also seems intriguing as there will be deadly situations you encounter as you try to solve puzzles and uncover secrets.

We're not entirely sure what terrors The Alien Cube holds for us but we're sure looking forward to finding out.

Featured Image Credit: Alessandro Guzzo

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