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Heartbroken Gamer Finds Five-Year-Old "Ex-Cousin" Spilled Coke On RTX2070s

Heartbroken Gamer Finds Five-Year-Old "Ex-Cousin" Spilled Coke On RTX2070s

Blood is thicker than coke

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Every single time I think I'm about ready to consider the possibility of having kids, I see an absolute horror story from someone on Reddit. Children seem to have this uncanny ability to destroy things just by being near them, right?

You might remember the PlayStation 5 HDMI port that looked as if it'd been attacked by the Hulk. Or how about the Xbox Series X that was given a crayon makeover by a toddler? These things are never exactly the fault of the children, I should stress, but I can't imagine that stops the destruction of expensive new hardware from stinging any less.

Things go wrong IRL all the time. Take a look at some of the best livestream fails below!

Which brings me to the latest tale of destruction. Pour one out for Reddit user darkdaking1, who came home from holiday in Greece to discover their five-year-old cousin ("ex-cousin") had spilled coke all over their RTX2070s.

Further down in the thread, darkdaking1 reveals they "almost cried" when they discovered the damage. Fortunately, the PC and card still run "like a charm", which is especially fortunate since nobody in the family thought to tell them about the spillage, meaning they turned it on while it was still covered in a layer sticky coke.

"I didn't exactly look inside the case as soon as I came from Greece because I wasn't aware this happened and I am not a weirdo that looks inside the case for no reason," they reasoned.

The good news is that darkdaking1 doesn't actually intend to hold their little cousin accountable for what was clearly an accident, stressing that the "ex-cousin" line was just a joke. The "big bro who let her get there", on the other hand? Well, it sounds like he's got some trouble coming his way soon.

Featured Image Credit: Fox/Darkdaking1 via Reddit

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