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'Pokémon Red & Blue' Would Be Rated 18+ Today Under New Laws

'Pokémon Red & Blue' Would Be Rated 18+ Today Under New Laws

No, seriously

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

The original Pokémon Red & Blue are considered all-time classics that introduced the world to the concept of catching, collecting, and battling with a bevy of fantastical monsters.

They are also, as I'm sure you remember, incredibly child-friendly games (in spite of the creepy ghost town, dead Pokémon, and complete lack of a responsible parental figure). Or at least, they used to be. If Pokémon Red & Blue were to be released today? They'd be classified as PEGI 18, putting them up there with the likes of Grand Theft Auto V, House Of The Dead: Overkill, and Mortal Kombat 11.

Take a look at how Twitch Plays Pokémon forever defined the streaming platform below!

As pointed out by Ask About Games (via Nintendo Life), Europe's video game content rating system (PEGI) recently updated its terms in regards to games that depict gambling. Basically, any games that happen to "encourage or teach gambling" will now be classified as PEGI 18. It doesn't appear to matter what else the game is about or the other content it contains. If there's gambling, it's an 18.

"In 2020, the PEGI criteria were changed so that, in future, any games featuring moving images that 'teach and/or glamorise the use of games of chance that are played/carried out as a traditional means of gambling'" will be rated PEGI 18," The VSC Game Rating Board explains.

"This refers to types of betting or gambling for money that is normally played or carried out in casinos, gambling halls, or racetracks. It does not cover games where betting or gambling is simply part of the general storyline. The game must actually teach the player how to gamble or bet and/or glamorise gambling. For example, this will include games that teach the player how to play card games that are usually played for money or how to play the odds in horse racing."

This would of course mean that Pokémon Red & Blue would be rated 18 on account of The Game Corner - an area in Celadon City where players can go to bet in-game money on slot machines. Points can then be exchanged for various prizes, including rare Pokémon. I imagine the same logic can be extended to Super Mario 64 DS, whose selection of mini-games includes Blackjack. These are strange times we're living in, my friends.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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