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New Study Shows How Much Time And Money Gamers Spends Online

New Study Shows How Much Time And Money Gamers Spends Online

Rookie numbers.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Internet service provider Hyperoptic recently conducted a poll of 1,000 UK gamers in an effort to understand their habits, Among other things, the survey revealed just how much time and money gamers put into their hobby... and I have to say that's it not quite as much as I was expecting.

According to the Hyperoptic survey (via ISP Review), gamers spend close to to three years of their adult life playing games online. That's nearly 5 percent of the average adult lifespan. It was also revealed that they'll spend close to £16,000 on those games in their lifetime. Again, I think I was bracing for worse than that.

Call Of Duty: Warzone
Infinity Ward

The report suggests that players will sink £252.77 online each year on new accessories, downloads and microtransactions, which would amount to £15,924 over the course of their adult life. It's important to note that the survey only seems to be talking about online games. If you factored in consoles and single-player releases, you can bet that number would be way higher.

"It's clear from the research just how passionate and dedicated gamers are to their hobby, reflected by the time and money spent on it," said Charles Davies, managing director for ISP at Hyperoptic. "Online gaming is a popular way of staying connected to others and conversing while playing at the same time."

Gamers involved in the survey also revealed that they spend and average of eight hours a week playing online - but admitted that the number has increased to closer to ten and a half hours since lockdown started. Fair enough, to be honest. It's not like there's anything else we can do right now. Might as well meet up with our mates in Verdansk and take a trip to the Gulag.

Fortnite /
Epic Games

A typical gaming "session", according to the report, lasts around two hours and will usually take place between 6pm and 10pm. Just in case you wanted to know when things really start popping off.

There's certainly some interesting stuff noted, and a sample of 1,000 UK gamers is certainly a strong one. With that said, I can guarantee there are plenty of gamers out there who spend a hell of a lot longer than ten hours a week gaming.

I'd also venture that 10pm is just the start of a lengthy session for many. Everybody knows you can't end on a loss, after all. There's always one more game to be had.

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